W1S1 [deθ] n
[: Old English;]
a) [U]
the end of the life of a person or animal
≠ ↑birth death of
The death of his mother came as a tremendous shock.
Cancer is the leading cause of death in women.
How Danielle met her death (=died) will probably never be known.
His friend was close to death .
His family are still mourning John's tragic death .
the anniversary of Lenin's death
bleed/burn/starve etc to death
a homeless man who froze to death
beat/stab/shoot etc sb to death
The 76-year-old pensioner was beaten to death.
put/sentence/condemn sb to death
(=kill someone or decide they should be killed as an official punishment)
Legend has it that Sarah was put to death for practising witchcraft.
Members of the family have received death threats .
He remained president until his untimely death (=death at a surprisingly young age ) in 1917.
Two of the passengers managed to escape death (=avoid being killed) .
a particular case when someone dies
≠ ↑birth
a campaign to reduce the number of traffic deaths
death from
deaths from cancer
I heard there'd been a death in the family .
2.) the death of sth
the permanent end of something
≠ ↑birth
The latest bombing is the death of all our hopes.
These regulations could spell the death (=lead to the end) of the American car industry.
3.) to death informal
a) used to emphasize that a feeling or emotion is very strong
be bored/scared/frightened etc to death
She was scared to death of what might happen next.
I'm absolutely sick to death of it (=very angry, bored, or unhappy about something) .
bore/scare/love etc sb to death
He drove at a speed which frightened Leonora to death.
She used to worry me to death.
b) used to say that an action is continued with a lot of effort and for as long as possible
They just work you to death in that place.
4.) do sth to death informal
to perform or present an idea, joke etc so often that people become tired of it
Most of his material has been done to death by numerous comedians.
5.) to the death
a) until someone is dead
They will fight to the death rather than give an inch of ground.
soldiers locked in a bitter struggle to the death
b) until you achieve something even if it means that you suffer
The leadership election has become a fight to the death.
6.) Death
a creature that looks like a human ↑skeleton, used in paintings, stories etc to represent the fact that people die
7.) be at death's door
to be very ill and likely to die
8.) look/feel like death warmed up
BrE look/feel like death warmed over AmE informal to look or feel very ill or tired
9.) you'll catch your death (of cold)
spoken old-fashioned used to warn someone that they are likely to become ill because they are wet or cold
10.) sb will be the death of me
spoken old-fashioned used to say that someone is causing you a lot of worry and problems
That boy will be the death of me!
→↑Black Death,kiss of death atkiss2 (3), life and death atlife(10)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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